Kirk & Kelly

November 11, 2023

Nashville — Tenn

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November 11, 2023
Nashville, Tenn

40°44'30.5"N  |  73°59'17.0"W

The Bride
and Groom

Kirk and Kelly first met at work in early 2012, shortly after they both graduated from WKU. They were co-workers and then friends, getting to know each other at group lunches, happy hours and pub trivia at Mellow Mushroom. They kept in touch even after Kirk started a new job one year later. Eventually in the Spring of 2013, Kelly asked Kirk on a date (he said yes) — and later that week they were bonding over spicy lamb vindaloo and IPAs. And there would be many more dates to come. 10 years worth of memories later and they’ve created a home with their dogs Rolf and Laika, road-tripped to new cities, seen countless concerts and even survived quarantine.

In June of 2022, on the first day of their post-pandemic trip to New York, Kirk and Kelly picked up bagels and coffee (bacon, egg and cheese for him, lox and cream cheese for her) at their favorite Manhattan deli and walked two blocks west to Madison Square Park. It was a gorgeous day and the park was busy, but they found an empty bench with a view of the Flatiron Building and unwrapped their breakfast. Kirk’s bagel was gone before Kelly had even taken a bite. She was so enamored by the sights and sounds of the park that she didn’t notice as Kirk pulled a box out of his pocket. He proposed there on the bench in their favorite city and she said yes.

Kirk & Kelly in Chicago Kirk & Kelly at Tate's Hell State Forest Kirk & Kelly at the Tiki Bar Kirk & Kelly in Lexington Kirk & Kelly in NYC

The Details

Mulhall  —  Laughlin
11 / 11


November 11, 2023
5 PM


Nashville, Tenn 1410 51st Ave N, Nashville, TN, 37209


Formal / Semi-Formal


Adults-Only Celebration

The Wedding Party


  • Hayley Belanger
  • Jenni Dickens
  • Mary Grace Petty


  • Ryan Beller
  • Chris Braun
  • Andrew Rice

Flower Girls

  • Mae Mitchell
  • Millie Mitchell
  • Madelyn Simpson

Ring Bearer

  • Jackson Caroll

Her Family

  • Gary and Gail Mulhall
  • Kaila and Wayne Simpson
  • Kris Mulhall and Brittney Yoshida

His Family

  • Kevin and Lori Laughlin
  • Mallory Mitchell


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Hilton Garden Inn

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Holiday Inn Express



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